Goodwood Residence

Planning a luxury residential to fully utilize this premier Bukit Timah location ICN evaluated the site noting significant potential adjacent the old colonial neighborhood Goodwood Hill and the mature woodland character. A framework of existing trees was retained providing a distinctive visual maturity of grand shady trees. Although flat in aspect and oriented to busy Bukit Timah Road the site planning and landscape design addressed both street and hill. Drawing that leafy quality right into the heart of the new development, and out to the entrance.

The “livable” qualities of the landscape were inspired by the classical elements; earth water wind and fire, re-imagined as stone, water, space and play. These animated each of the gardens with a subtle lifestyle. Setting the foundation for environmental quality and generous amenity values the landscape design was underpinned by tree preservation, sustainable soil management and embedded site water reticulation.


  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Implementation inspections


  • Preserved woodland
  • Ground water replenishment zones
  • Integrated water treatment and green wall systems
  • Swimming pool and grand communal lawn
  • Extensive cooling water features


President’s Award IFLA 2014

Outstanding Award of Excellence SLAA 2013

Silver SLAA 2013