Yoma Central

A striking historic laterite building cornering two major thoroughfares hints at the glorious past of port city Yangon, Myanmar. Changing times and major re-development proposals presented complex urban landscape issues. To realize the site’s civic potential, design mediation was needed between the heritage Burma Railway building and taller contemporary towers of the proposed landmark hotels, retail mall, offices and apartments. Landscape needed to be a unifying element providing both open space curtilage between the very different buildings, and green layers across many levels creating a unifying character.

Safe access is critical for hospitality and residential developments, particularly in emerging markets. Yet it was desirable for a seamless relationship with adjacent streets. Creating discrete visual links, we balanced the authentic local vibrancy with managed access through a sequence of spaces. Then above, landscape podiums host more discrete and intimate guest and residential spaces with engaging views and compelling amenities suitable for an emerging cosmopolitan city.


  • Site and landscape assessment
  • Preservation evaluation and management
  • Design development & documentation


  • Civic street frontages & plaza spaces
  • Outdoor water plaza
  • Multiple podium landscape spaces
  • Garden dining spaces and furnishings