Developed as the largest retail mall in the world the Dubai Mall was conceived as a key part of a massive programme to create the gulf state’s new downtown Burj Dubai district. Across this vast complex the internal retail and entertainments were grouped in souk like clusters. Major atria like spaces tie together a vast expanse of mall walks where ICN designed a series of visual ‘interior landscape’ features.

These most prominent areas have become focal points, gathering spaces and visual icons for the entire Mall. The curved “diving man” water walls in the Fountain Oasis atrium stretches over one hundred metres, it’s rushing white water cascading down three storeys. In contrast a graceful arcing colonnade in the Fashion Island wraps around a food plaza with its crafted stone work and elegant water dishes providing a delightful background for diners. Eight other water features of cascading channels, reflective pools and graceful fountains animate this landscape of people; shoppers and diners, visitors and guests.


  • Concept design and development
  • Technical coordination design documentation 
  • Implementation inspections


  • Interior water features
  • Internal landscape
  • Sculptural installations