Founded in 1852, the Convent of Holy Infant Jesus provided education for well over a century. Following school relocation, restoration of CHIJ’s entire historical precinct was completed in the 1990’s. The Chapel became ceremonial, the cloistered interiors became landscape courts alongside new restaurants and boutique shopping. After twenty years, rejuvenation was desired to curate more dynamic mixes of retail, food & beverage and entertainment programmes throughout street frontages, cloisters and courtyards. Creating better visibility, seamless public access and more vitality.

Special attention was made to conserve canopy trees, keeping the quarter’s mature character. The original atmosphere has been retained with unexpected corners and intimate courts that keep revitalised Chijmes an authentic and unique heritage place in Singapore. Remodelling took a more contemporary view of historic building curtilage zones. While existing trees were largely preserved and spatial set-backs respected, a discrete new architecture has been included that allows more activity throughout the precinct. Balancing activities that attract diverse visitors, diners and party crowds; an exciting fusion of old and new.


  • Landscape and site assessment
  • Tree preservation evaluation and management
  • Design development & documentation
  • Implementation inspections


  • Tree preservation
  • Civic, public, street frontages & spaces
  • Heritage inspired gardens, dining courts & furnishings


Merit SLAA 2015