Inspired by the mountain surrounding Chengdu and the contemplative sculpture gardens of famed Hakone, a barren enclosed space on the 7th level of one new development has been transformed into a creative haven of art, education and interaction. The exhibition garden space by ICN as designer, and curator of the initial sculptural pieces is open and expansive, drawing attention immediately to the massive physical artworks.

 From the towers and surrounding interior spaces of shops and restaurants, people are enticed out of their own journey to discover, consider and interact with art. Sinuous and curvaceous, the landscape of rolling grass enfolds shallow courts. These small spaces are formed and shaped out of the ‘ground’ drawing people to contemplate the visual arts. Inspired by the long tradition of oriental painting the garden design reflects the enduring physical landscape elements of earth and sea. Replicated here within the Chengdu city centre, in the midst of soaring towers and frenetic urban life, the garden becomes a creative retreat.


  • Concept  and space programming
  • Proposed curation of  displays
  • Design
  • Documentation


  • Sculpture garden
  • Outdoor exhibition venue
  • Art installations