Singapore’s Southern Islands were a group of five small islets. Major reclamation works was planned to enlarge the island grouping into a premiere locale for future resorts, marina and waterside residences. These would be phased over a number of years through first site infrastructure, then development.

ICN designed a phased “green plan” to re-vegetate bare reclamation ensuring a green infrastructure of trees. Our landscape master-plan for the entire island grouping incorporated development aspirations, but realized the vision of creating a long term natural and durable coastal environment. Lazarus Island with its secondary forest, provided an example of how the new landscape should develop into an ‘island’ eco-system over time. The shaping of an eight hundred metre beach and surrounding “park” and fusing reclaimed land to existing islands was woven together through planting. The planted framework was carefully planned and implemented in stages to ensure a steady succession toward maturing forest with habitat value for increased diversity. 


  • Site analysis, research and existing tree advisory
  • Landscape master-planning
  • Landscape and softscape strategies and design
  • Procurement & implementation inspections


  • Beach, park and landscape features zones
  • Softscape planting strategy
  • Shelters and amenities
  • Visitor Centre and interpretative information


Gold SLAA 2007