Biopolis research precinct, at One North Singapore, was developed at the district level by world famous Zaha Hadid Architects. This included the aspiration for a holistic green corridor embedded in the master-plan. A winning conceptual landscape strategy developed by ICN in response highlighted the role of typography in shaping the eventual parklands. However the incremental development of the parks, in-step with the development of buildings, facilities and the new working and living population was key.

Commencing from conceptual ideas of West 8, we developed a comprehensive landscape design in several stages for the phased implementation of the first phase park, one north. Featuring several plaza spaces, the framework land forming of the hillside park created transitional and landing places designed to join adjacent buildings, existing and future into the park. With a design typology that mimicked the challenging site contours we preserved a connection of existing mature trees with new patterned planting along a unique dual- cycle/pathway promenade and contemporary exposed stone waterwall.


  • Conceptual master-planning and district analysis
  • Design documentation
  • Implementation management


  • Landscape parklands
  • Pavilions and plazas
  • Hillside waterwall feature
  • Preserved mature trees