Beloved by Singaporeans with an interest in nature Jurong Lake hosts both resident and migratory birds and other creatures. Some are common, others like the Spotted Wood Owl and Crested Serpent Eagle might surprise people. Inspired by ancient archipelagos of South East Asia, the existing Jurong open area was conceived as “Sungei Jurong Lakeshore Park” a collection of parks, environments and habitats woven around the existing expansive water. Our concept implicitly drew out the fascinating natural forms and character of Singapore’s tropical coastal heritage by enhancing the immediate environment with ‘island’ eco-systems that would be expressive and diverse.

Sufficiently large, the new Lakeshore Park will become an oasis of “islands”. An oasis of open space in the heart of Jurong’s commercial and industrial district. A migratory habitat connected to the great South East Asian flyway. A restful green retreat near the vibrant Jurong Gateway. A healthy hive of recreation, fun and exercise for Singaporeans and visitors alike.


  • Site analysis and research
  • Landscape master-planning
  • Landscape design


  • Integrated furniture lighting signage and information
  • Landscape environmental feature zones
  • Softscape succession planting strategy
  • Recreation enterprises, venues and amenities