The southern region of Malaysia’s peninsula has seen significant growth in housing townships near Johor’s commercial, industrial and tourism ventures. Broadening environmental, amenity and lifestyle qualities of these settlements beyond single use domiciles was our key landscape approach. Increased pressure on water supplies, loss of forests and productive land burdens with changing climatic patterns, peri-urban developments need to be attuned to creating more sustainable communities.

Invited onto this progressing development, we advocated using available site resources to reshape several open spaces and utility corridor to better serve as “green infrastructure” for the entire community township. We modelled land to understand what was possible in integrating water management, open space obligations, recreation facilities and utility services together. We also suggested co-location of small neighbourhood commercial ventures adjacent the green space, to support a family friendly environment that would encourage healthy daily use of the parklands.


  • Landscape and site assessment
  • Outline site water management system
  • Landscape site master-plan
  • Parkland programming design & documentation


  • Typographic land formations
  • Aquatic riverine and lakes site water management
  • Play, sports facilities & mountain bike track
  • Adjacent ‘neighbourhood commercial’ allocation
  • Outdoor art & sculpture plaza