Marina One

Marina Bay extends the city centre into a brand new downtown district, supporting Singapore’s continued growth as a major business hub in Asia. Marina One, with a unique urban ecosystem right at the heart of this development, will uphold Singapore’s image as a world leader and first example of a City-in-a-Garden. The architecture of the four towers acknowledge the new city grid on the outside whilst carving a dramatic and soaring green space internally, the famous ‘green heart’.

The lush and diverse greenery, multi textured undergrowth, tall canopy trees, trailing plants and creepers rises from the dappled base to the more open and wind graced tiers at the very top. The conceptual principle guiding the softscape design was the idea of an environmental strata. Considering the different micro-climatic conditions at each ‘altitude’, a kind of urban montane profile was conceived to determine soft landscape character, plant forms, habit and ultimately species selection.


  • Softscape design
  • Design development & documentation
  • Softscape and micro-climate assessments
  • Procurement, proto-typing and testing
  • Landscape installation management & quality control


  • External feature green walls
  • Terminal precinct landscape
  • Interior landscape
  • Feature atrium softscape
  • Interior plaza spaces and courts softscape


Gold SLAA 2019

Honourable Mention SIA ADA 2019

Top Development Excellence Award EdgeProp 2018