One solitary Nutmeg Tree remains of old extensive plantations that existed in Singapore’s long distant past. In the heart of Bukit Timah a premier residential district, development of new terraced housing was crafted around a proposed neighbourhood open space to ensure the preservation of this heritage tree. Not content with this alone, we proposed and saved several mature trees to provide a community park that would immediately possess some scale, shade and act as the welcoming front garden to the new residential enclave.

Using the incredible colour and sinuous fibres of the nutmeg as inspiration, we designed the intimate park with pavements that wind up the colourful planted embankments through existing trees and new plantings of Clove and Nutmeg. These curving pavements lead to several small seed-like seating areas, within lush shrubs all set around an open lawn for informal play and community events. The existing trees form the backbone of a new plantation establishing to provide dappled shade, fragrance and intimacy for children’s play.


  •  Site planning
  • Conceptual park and play design
  • Landscape design & documentation
  •  Implementation management for landscape


  • Streetscape and park
  • Playground and pavilion
  • Fitness stations
  • Community lawn and garden theatre
  • Preserved mature trees