Along the tropical South China Sea coast, the desire for beachfront living has created an opportunity for designers to articulate new visions for coastal dwellings. The Island of Sentosa long a sleepy isle of fishing kampongs then family resort for Singapore booming tourism has transformed with the drive and sophistication demanded by wealthy high flying multi-national residents of Singapore and South East Asia.

An emerging playground for the well healed and discerning, the beachfront apartments offer a stunning aesthetic and contemporary lifestyle epitomized by the central lawn leading right to the lapping waves of the ocean. Groves of palms provide dappled shade and graceful movement in the light equatorial breezes over rolling grass. Simple yet elegant, the landscape offers fine touches in the under stated water design and coastal planting; a subtle blend of coarse textured wavy grasses, palms and rich spreading Merambongs that thrive in the conditions. Just perfect for beach living.


  • Landscape concept
  • Design and documentation
  • Implementation inspections


  • Landscape features areas
  • Coastal softscape planting
  • Water features
  • Outdoor soft furnishing