Hidden pockets of leafy Singapore hold secluded residential gems. Often narrow sites juxtapose neighbouring dwellings alongside each other providing a showcase for period buildings mixed with late twentieth century and contemporary architecture. Renowned Architects WOHA created a distinctive and bold dwelling replete with tropical and early modernist design references. Blade like walls protruding through the garden recall the famous delightful Wrightian elements, expressed in an abstraction of primitive temple like motifs.

The contemporary residential villa garden required a similarly rich flamboyant display in the planting. Muted in colour range, but distinctive in foliage, palms, Raphis and Calatheas burst out above the strong white parapets with a profusion of softness providing a playful splash for the private resident. Along the street front trailing Phyllanthus softens the walls with a cascading veil of deep green. Along the pool terrace the restful textures of planting, including soft leafed Dissotus, merge into the timber decking and stone patterning. A contemporary garden for a contemporary tropical lifestyle.


  • Softscape design
  • Documentation and procurement
  • Implementation inspections


  • Terrace swimming pool
  • Feature stone walls
  • Garden spaces
  • Irrigation system