The long beaches of Ho tram stretching along Vietnam’s south eastern coast had all the potential for the creation of international quality tropical destinations. The sand dunes and scattered scrubland reserves along the seafront give this area a sense of wild remoteness, yet remains near Ho Chi Minh City.

The new landscape at The Grand Hotel pioneers that potential, establishing a first class esplanade of beachside terracing, pools, sun lounging alcoves and shaded promenades. Food and beverage kiosks service guests directly or in private, pavilions or party venues through the breezy fresh tropical setting. The monsoon seasons can be harsh, so plants were selected for their hardiness in tolerating the strong winds and salt spray of the South China Sea. Using Seashore Paspalum grass the lawns are a rich deep green, giving a spacious and luxurious look to the coastal hotel. Extensive pools of natural limestone produce crystal clear water providing a tempting retreat to indulge the senses under wavy coconut palms.


  • Site Investigations
  • Design and documentation 
  • Softscape procurement, review and testing. 
  • Implementation inspections


  • Beachfront Esplanade and coastal revetment
  • Swimming pools
  • Water features
  • Robust coastal softscape