Lying hidden in the remnants of coastal forest a new boutique resort club is emerging on Johor’s wild eastern coastline. On a region of old oil-palm plantations, the headlands jut out into the ocean with jagged rocks exposed at mid tide sheltering clear sea pools and pockets of sandy beach. Beside, on the overgrown scrublands the new club is delicately located between remnants of forest, towering trees and subtle gullies stepping down to the beach. The immediate club landscape is created from terrace stone walls, sculpting the sloped ground into broad grassed spaces for pools, lounging, parties and guest functions. These terraces disappear into the forest, covered in ferns and forest saplings creating a timeless and peaceful setting for weekend visitors and guests. Along the beachfront, another low shaped terrace carves a series of sweeping curves, sinuous yet grounded in the land mirroring the long graceful arc of the bay and framing the expanse of the South China Sea beyond”.


  • Design & documentation
  • Procurement
  • Implementation inspections


  • Restored coastal forest
  • Pools and water features
  • Spa garden
  • Outdoor terraces
  • Forest garden courts