World famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore really is the Grande dame of this tropical city. A gazetted national monument and known travellers around the globe, Raffles is rich in stories, collective memories and a big part of the city’s history. Reimaging the whole Raffles Hotel precinct for the recent major redevelopment was an incredible opportunity, to recapture some of the character, sense of history and glamor of this truly unique establishment.

The extensive history behind the eclectic architecture of Raffles Hotel demanded careful approaches and sensitive design in detailing the new external spaces and landscape. Through this demanding process, we have achieved a unique landscape that enlivens Raffles once again through its sequence of beautiful exterior court gardens. Complementing the distinctive architecture, the rejuvenated landscape recaptures the excitement and romance of the ‘far east’ with its evocative gardens of tropical plant forms, textures, colours and fragrances.


  • Site and landscape assessment
  • Tree preservation evaluation and management
  • Conceptual design and marketing narrative
  • Design, development & documentation
  • Implementation inspections


  • Public and civic street frontages & spaces
  • Restored historic fountain
  • Heritage inspired gardens and softscape palette
  • Al fresco dining spaces and bespoke furnishings
  • Historically referenced hardscape materiality