India’s urban development is explosive in scale and impact. Meeting the needs and aspirations of a youthful and increasingly educated population has opened the door to new urban developments, mixing residential and commercial, civic and educational programmes together. Information technology alone has broken down many barriers in lifestyles, meaning our living, learning and working spaces need to be more flexible and accommodating, richer and more diverse.

The mixed-use urban development metaphor offers much that can be translated into external areas, open spaces and landscape programming. Merging park, plaza, theatre, market and sports court typologies, we have created an active campus for the communities who will be using this development each day. From a dramatic arrival plaza, with recycled water in changing displays, through to recreation, relaxation and personal reflective spaces. From social gathering places to business and exhibition venues, the proposed landscape campus offers a diverse range of places and amenities for the broad range of people’s lives.


  • Landscape and site assessment
  • Master-planning and landscape programming
  • Landscape design
  • Design development


  • Public and civic campus
  • Extensive podium landscape areas
  • Outdoor plaza and courts
  • Recreation and sports facilities
  • Al fresco dining spaces and furnishings