Our landscape approach adopted design principles promoting preservation, sustainability and enriched site biodiversity within the greater NUS Campus. Incorporating these elements helped the project win BCA Green Mark Platinum and PUB’s ABC Water Design certifications. These were articulated in interpretive information panels that make this landscape part of a learning process.

Positioning of buildings allowed conservation of existing Tembusu and Rain trees. The site’s inherent typography was adapted under elevated structures as the stormwater management drainage system. This surface was planted with native species for water treatment and slope stability. A porous volcanic pumice mulch was laid over recycled hardcore sub-grade from site demolitions for channels. Fern species prevent slope erosion in shaded areas and marsh tolerant plants Vetiver grasses and Pandanus line the bio-swale.  Drought-tolerant plants are grown on the extensive green roofs amongst educational exhibitions, creating places for staff breaks, outdoor ‘classroom’ and personal exercise.


  • Site evaluation
  • Softscape design and documentation
  • Implementation inspections


  • Existing tree preservation
  • Bio-swale garden drainage system
  • Green façade cladding systems
  • Extensive green roofing and outdoor classrooms
  • Interpretive signage and exhibits


LEAF award 2017

Excellence Skyrise Greenery award 2017

Platinum BCA Green Mark Awards 2013