Growth in reputation, the Overseas Family School demanded a larger campus. Our concept for the School focused on using the landscape as a meeting point: Students from many backgrounds and cultures, gathering and learning together as one global family. Landscape spaces become buzzing hives of diverse nationalities and age groups, with social interactions between students, teaching staff and parents. Greeting everyone is the Welcome Garden, a shady enclave that is also navigation point, crossroads and gathering area.  The tight grove of trees and shaded seating renders this as the “Heart” of the Campus.

Every part of the campus, internal and exterior is dynamic, open for various possibilities, multiple uses and future enhancement. The layout and amenities encourage students to engage outdoors, with play, sports and education. The surrounding nature spreads a subtle appreciation and understanding beyond the typical academic curriculum. The school grounds seek to promote environmental principles, for bio-diversity, habitat enrichment, community-building and personal discovery fostering active learning experiences.


  •  Visual impact study
  • Landscape design and documentation 
  • Implementation inspections


  •  Arrival and circulation plazas
  • Sport courts and children’s play gardens
  • Woodland education zone
  • Spaces for future installations


Merit SLAA 2015