Keppel Harbour has changed dramatically over the years. The days of the busy wharf-side trade have long gone. The coast has been transformed from shipping to container transportation, and now, new commercial office and retail. Our master-planning exercise created a visual identity for this commercial precinct, expressed in the physical street environments, open spaces, harbour edge, and land parcels.

Using the coastline and maritime heritage as influences a streetscape “public realm” was developed to provide the precinct with a unique visual appearance. Street designs feature landscape planting ‘foreshores’ incorporating dense massed groundcovers in layered ‘waves’. Some of the land parcels were designed as temporary parks, while the waterfront open space, the true waterfront featured large Bismarckia palms in extensive drifts of pennisetum grasses. Rich bronze and silver colours evoke the historic maritime use of iron and steel. Restoration of heritage artifacts, including a lighthouse conning tower animate the series of small public spaces adding another dimension to the well used city precinct.


  • Vision master-plan [2003]
  • Design and Documentation [2004, 2006 – 2009]


  • Urban design strategies
  • Shaded streetscape and public plazas
  • Waterfront mini-parks
  • Restored marine heritage installations