Cities develop and establish their urban land form and daily rhythms over time. Within the incredibly fast paced development of Vietnam’s largest city, a whole new city district was planned. So we conceived a shared public realm concept developed along a core central promenade, supporting smaller plaza spaces, squares and parks that could develop and adapt over time for the proposed new central city precinct in emerging the Thu Thiem district of Ho Chi Minh City.

Using planning concepts of seamless walkability, flexible public spaces, informal street based commercial opportunities, artistic venues and public design gestures, we created a street-level plan that provided a connected series of spaces for the anticipated future population. With a design narrative drawn from the distinctive riverine landscapes of southern Vietnam, we generated spatial patterns inspired by those physical landforms which laid the ground for plazas, promenades with extensive water-play and parks with unique and expressive soft landscape character zones.


  • Conceptual urban design
  • Public realm and streetscape planning
  • Landscape design


  • Urban district public realm
  • Market plazas
  • Water play
  • Urban landscape structures
  • Feature composite timber atrium
  • Character softscape zones